Sameh Hady from Cairo, Egypt


About me

Hello! I’m Sameh Hady. Front-end Architect @ Cloudwiry

With 12+ years of experience in front-end development, focusing on UI using modern technologies & keeping up to date with latest techniques.

I graduated with a degree in Architecture engineering but my passion for web development led me to pursue a professional career as a front-end developer.

As a Frond-end Architect at Cloudwiry, I am responsible of architecting & developing UI components that are reusable & staight forward for visitors to interact with.

Full Name : Mohamed Sameh Hady Amin
Age : 33
Address : Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Email :
Phone : +201142554321
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Angular 5

Experienced with building websites using all Angular versions. Leverage the power of angular reusability.

Bootstrap 4

All websites should be mobile ready & responsive, that is not a question to ask!

UI/UX Design

It's not only about developing a website, I can assure your visitors will get the best UI/UX experience ever!


7+ years of experience in WordPress ( Front-end & Backend ) including creating custom themes & plugins.

AWS Services

Forget about VPS & dedicated servers, moving to the cloud will save your time, money & all infrastructure hassle!

Serverless Architecture

With Serverless architecture you can develop websites with mean stack. Deploying your websites can't be any easier!

My skills

HTML 95%

CSS 90%

HTML5 80%

CSS3 90%

WordPress 90%

PHP 70%

AWS Services 90%

Angular 95%

NodeJS 90%

WebSockets 90%

Social Networks 90%

Gulp / Grunt 90%

Photoshop 80%

AutoCAD 90%


2016 - 2018


Front-end Architect

Architecting 7 developing new reusable components using Angular, Integrating with backend API's and building dynamic components that acts as database driven. Getting more experienced with AWS services as Cloudwiry is all about AWS Cost Optimization.


Software Engineer

Worked on several projects using Sitecore. worked on both front-end & backend using C# & .net. Created an automated testing tool & cloud deployment framework as an initiative and received Six Sigma certificate for them.

2012 - 2017
2009 - 2012


Full Stack Developer

Worked on building websites using WordPress & BuddyPress, was focused on building social websites & networks for Alumni members & big organizations.


Full-Stack developer

Building custom PHP websites for several clients, also develope several custom eCommerce websites

2007 - 2009


Smart City

Smart City

IDC Saudi Congress

Saudi Congress



Le Fayan

Le Fayan

IDC CIO Summit

CIO Summit


Serverless Architecture Part 2

Moving to Serverless Architecture (Part 2)

Finally back with Part2, In this part I will talk more about the stack used and my current approach to reduce my spend dramatically. Lets start by the stack.

The approach is to host all my code in Lambda functions, connect them to API Gateway and from code I would simply do my CRUD operations and query DynamoDB, the front-end will consume these APIs to get all the data needed.

Serverless Architecture

Moving to Serverless Architecture (Part 1)

Welcome all to my first blog post, in this series I will try my best to cover my journey of moving all my websites that I’ve built and currently manage to Serverless architecture.
I will explain in more details what is Serverless Architecture, how can It be any useful & share with you real examples and statistics on how much you can save.


Get in-touch & lets talk. You can check my portfolio for more details about my work.

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt